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"Queen Patricia" by CAIRS Shoes Empowering Women with Lymphedema

Welcome to the grand launch of our brand-new website, where the extraordinary world of "Queen Patricia" awaits you. Get ready to immerse yourself in a footwear experience like no other, where elegance and comfort intertwine seamlessly.

At CAIRS Shoes, we are passionate about empowering women with lymphedema to ...

Celebrating Comfort and Style for All Women

Discover the "Queen Patricia" collection, where we honor the essence of everyday women facing unique challenges with foot comfort and style. CAIRS Shoes is dedicated to providing fashionable solutions for women who have often been overlooked by the traditional shoe industry.

We understand that women with plus ...

Innovative Solutions

CAIRS Shoes offer solutions to the many foot and leg ailments that plague our society. Look below to see common problems and the solutions we offer.

Problem #1

  • Problem: Shoes do not expand for swollen feet
  • Solution/Feature: Our shoes expand four ways
  • Benefit: You can go from C to EEE in width and keep your true size in length. This also includes width and height (it expands out and up)

Problem #2

  • Problem: Women who have foot ailments have limited fashionable shoe options
  • Solution/Feature: Our shoes are fashionable and comfy 
  • Benefit: You can wear our shoes with comfort and style at work, business, or any social event

Problem #3

  • Problem: Swollen feet tend to get puffy on the top
  • Solution Feature: We offer removable “light compression” tongue
  • Benefit: The tongue will give your shoe a different fashionable look while also providing compression to help reduce swelling on your top foot. The removable tongue is patent-pending

Problem #4

  • Problem: Shoe laces can create pain and discomfort and not too cute.
  • Solution/Feature: Expandable laces with a dazzling fusion of gold and diamond interlocks.
  • Benefit: No more worries about trying to tie your shoes with our "No-Tie Laces" so you can experience freedom and ease.

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