How to Measure Your Feet

Let's Measure Your Feet!

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Embrace the freedom to choose the perfect pair of shoes that cater to your specific health needs, only with proper shoe measurements..

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • Get a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler or measuring tape.

Step 2: Find a Flat Surface

  • Stand on a flat surface with the paper beneath your feet.

Step 3: Trace Your Foot

  • While standing straight, trace the outline of your foot. Ensure the pen or pencil is perpendicular to the paper.

Step 4: Measure Foot Length

  • Use the ruler or measuring tape to measure the distance from the heel to the longest toe. Record the measurement in inches or centimeters.

Step 5: Measure Foot Width

  • Measure the width of your foot by taking the widest part across. Record the measurement.

Step 6: Repeat for Both Feet

  • It's common for one foot to be slightly larger than the other. Measure both feet and use the larger measurement for ordering shoes.

Step 7: Refer to CAIRS Size Chart

  • Check the CAIRS Size Chart to find your corresponding shoe size based on the measured length and width of your feet.

Step 8: Choose Your Size

  • Select the CAIRS shoe size that aligns with your measurements, ensuring a comfortable and accurate fit.

Note: For the most accurate results, measure your feet in the evening when they may be slightly swollen, and wear the type of socks you intend to wear with your CAIRS Shoes.

This simple guide aims to assist you in accurately measuring your feet for the perfect fit with CAIRS Shoes. For any questions or assistance, refer to our sizing guide or contact our customer support team.


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