LaShonn Edmunds


Meet LaShonn Edmunds, the visionary founder and inventor behind CAIRS Shoes. As an African American female inventor, LaShonn has transformed her personal struggle with lymphedema into a powerful mission to revolutionize women's footwear. Her journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to create stylish, comfortable shoes for women dealing with swollen feet. LaShonn's innovative Tru-Stretch designs, ranging from C to D in width, have become a beacon of fashion and comfort for those facing health challenges.

LaShonn's inspiration doesn't stop at providing footwear solutions. She's also the mastermind behind the removable and reversible compression tongues, adding a burst of color, style, and enhanced comfort to her creations. Her dedication to empowering women with health issues extends beyond her business, as she actively advocates for lymphedema awareness and played a crucial role in passing legislation for easier access to medical supplies.

CAIRS, LLC, the company LaShonn founded, bears the unique combination of her family's names: Charmayne, Alexia, Isaiah, Randy, and herself, Shonn. This name embodies the heart and soul of her business, where innovation, compassion, and style converge. LaShonn's shoes not only provide relief for those with lymphedema but also cater to diabetics, pregnant women, individuals with obesity, and anyone facing foot-related challenges. LaShonn Edmunds is not just a business owner; she's a true advocate for comfort, style, and health for all.

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